• Cavallerizza Ducale
    Via Racchetta, 4
    Sassuolo (MO)
    Cavallerizza Ducale
    Via Racchetta, 2
    Sassuolo (MO) Italy
  • Orari di apertura
    Il sabato e la domenica
    ore 15.00 - 19.30
    Opening Hours
    Saturday, Sunday
    03.00 - 07.30 pm


UPDATE 09/03/2020 – The Bertozzi & Casoni Museum informs you that following the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 9 March 2020 the Museum will be closed ...

From January 2020

We inform our kind visitors that on Friday November 1st, Saturday November 2nd and Sunday November 3rd 2019 the work “Ritratto” will not be exhibited at the Bertozzi & Casoni ...

From November 1 to 3

The Museo Bertozzi & Casoni will be open at Easter from 19th April to 22nd April from 3.00pm to 07.30pm. Visitors will have the chance to admire the collection also ...

19 APR-22 APR 2019

The Museo Bertozzi & Casoni is part of the venue Concours D’Élégance Trofeo Salvarola Terme this year and it will celebrate the 20th edition of the event. Old-fashion luxury cars ...

23 MAR -24 MAR 2019